Meeting Notes.
Without the meeting.

Eliminate half your meetings. Make the other half more efficient. Why get on Zoom and interrupt everyone's flow when you can do it on Caravan instead? Caravan™ can gather project updates, each person's workload and problems, opinions on an issue...the list is endless.

Beep Bop Beep. We have a Slack bot now.

Do it all inside Slack.

Now you can gather the meetings notes and skip the meeting, all without leaving Slack.

Create, Share, Save.

No more inbox-clogging group emails that keep information trapped in long threads. No more Zoom meetings for simple updates. Use Slack to keep your team on track—automatically.

Don't lose feedback in the stream

It's easy to lose information in Slack. Caravan™ grabs just what you want from your team and keeps it safe from the stream.

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Daily Standup Meeting

Example Prompts:

1) What did you accomplish today?

2) What are your goals for tomorrow?

3) Are you facing any challenges and whom do you need help from?

Team Surveys

Example Prompts:

1) How would you rate the past month? (1 being best, 5 being worst)
2) What went well?
3) What can we improve?
4) What did you learn while working on the project?

Start, Stop and Continue Pulses

Example Prompts:

1) What should we start doing?

2) What should we stop doing?

3) What should we continue doing?

1x1 check-ins

Example Prompts:

1) How are things?

2) What's going well?

3) Any concerns or challenges? How can I help?

Personal Journaling

Example Prompts:

1) What am I most grateful for right now?

2) What's the best thing that happened today?

3) The one thing I am stressed out about

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